Mentoring Programs
5-Tenets of Good Health

Mission: To teach courses in community and faith-based organizations relating to the Total Life Balance.


Vision: To empower individuals and families to"Maintain Good Health!"


Values: To commit to values that help guide decisions and behavior in:


  • Leadership - to teach mentoring principles and provide instruction in alternative selections enabling the best decisions to be achieved.


  • Integrity - to maintain an environment of honesty and professional ethics by keeping commitments and admitting mistakes.


  • Teamwork - to recognize diversity, encourage participation and reward individual and group accomplishments.

Mental Health:
Nearly 17 million Americans are affected by depression. A great number affected by this disease are women. Women forty-five and older are far more likely than their male counterparts to suffer from disabling health conditions. A closer look at causes of stress in a woman's life, WHY we continue to do the same thing expecting a different result; and Naturopathy Health & Wellness and Healing Coaching solutions.

Spiritual Health:
Every woman must be connected to a faith. It is what sustains her during trying times. God endowed each woman with spiritual gifts and talents to be used for edification. He causes circumstances to enter her life to challenge and develop her personally and professionally. The wilderness experience is not a time to retreat - it's a time to STAY CONNECTED!

Social Health:
A "Phenomenal Woman" is business, social and family conscious. She is aware of her environment and social challenges it poses. She seeks wisdom, knowledge and understanding in knowing how to be proficient in subjects that address entrepreneurship, community awareness and family concepts. In her "tea time" circles, she creates a "safe environment" which allows for the walls of competition and division to be lowered. Then, and only then, does she become EMPOWERED!


Financial Health:
Empowering Women: Take Back Your Finances© curriculum is a comprehensive teaching, practical approach and fundamental understanding of financial planning. It is designed to help women take charge of their finances and set realistic financial goals! The course is intensive but fruitful.


Physical Health:
"Healthy Living" is a viable nutrition, exercise program that everyone can enjoy. A review of toxins in products and their harmful affects on women, diet and exercise - to include self-defense, dance and aerobics are discussed and demonstrated. Plan to dress comfortable, cook exquisitely and have fun!

MentorMe® - The Enterprise


MentorMe® Enterprise, Inc. was founded in 1993 to help women manage the day-to-day stress of home, office and personal life. The company teaches "total life balance" that helps women to maintain good health. Good Health consists of: mental, spiritual, financialsocial and physical health. These five components are so inter-related and inter-dependent that it is probably appropriate to think of health as a single entity.

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