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My ultimate desire is to help you embrace your strength. I want you to be restored after experiencing so many disappointing events. I want you to understand you must continue to fulfill your purpose despite set-backs.


I have had the pleasure of mentoring youth in Kingston, Jamaica and enjoyed every minute of seeing their lives transformed by the power of God. I now obey God's calling on my life to assist wounded hearts in healing.


I have a gift by God to speak life into others who feel they cannot continue. I take delight in being a Certified Healing Coach which compels me to help rewrite the script for their life. A failed relationship does not mean we are failures. Instead, I believe we must "learn to press reset or delete and keep living".


I conduct workshops designed to transform lives and perspectives. I encourage you to attend a workshop so that you can learn to drop the old baggage of your past and press towards a new and dynamic future.


I challenge you to claim your new designer luggage, luggage that's filled with God's truth for your future.


Are you ready? Do you want to enjoy the "first class" life you were destined to have?  Then let me guide you to God's light - He's waiting for you to soar.




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Author | Certified Healing Coach | Dynamic Speaker | Workshop Presenter | Internet Radio Personality 

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