MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, February 1, 2015 - Social Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig

Video: Temptations: Some Enchanted Evening


1st Segment: Go Red For Women!

Go Red For Women – All Month. Wear something RED every Monday to show your support. This month we are discussing “Matters of the Heart”. February is naturally a celebration – but February is also devoted to raising heart-health awareness.


2nd Segment: Driving the Buzzards Away

Driving the Buzzards Away – is a keeper! (No Pun Intended). William Craig III showed us “The Buzzards” hanging around our life just waiting to pick from us – to steal from us – to destroy us. The Buzzards could be co-workers, family or friends. They are Show Boaters who love to be seen and heard. Drive those Buzzards Away!




MentorMe® Memorable Moments

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February 2015

MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, February 8, 2015 - Mental Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig

Co/Host Dr Michelle

Co/Host Dwayne Ross

Video: K Z Tandingan, Killing Me Softly


1st Segment: Daddy Can You Hear Me?

It’s the Chop-Chop with Author & Speaker, Dwayne Ross. How powerful the segment: Daddy, Can You Hear Me? God puts into the heart of every child the ability to call ABBA Father. Accepting the role of father is vital to the existence and authority given to dads – but when dads violate this role and breaks the child’s heart, 


2nd Segment: Seriously: You're Killing Me!

Dr. Michelle helped us understand just how hard to love. Her segment dealt with love, the expectation of love, the sharing of love, and the heart break suffered when love is destroyed. In order to overcome the disappointments and grief, we must learn 2-things: God loves us – and – we must love ourselves. Dr. Michelle closes this segment so powerfully that everyone, including the Sound Engineer, lost track of time.



MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, February 22, 2015 - Social Health



Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig

Video: K-DRAMA - Get Your Weight Up!"


1st Segment: Resolve This!

New Year's Resolutions shouldn’t be ritual. They are most times broken promises. Instead, resolve to do THIS ONE THING! Choose one thing and follow through even if it takes all year to complete. 


2nd Segment: Execute Your P.L.A.N.

Whatever your thinking – think BIGGER. If your Goal doesn’t scare you – it isn’t BIG enough. Identify ONE THING in that Goal to do every month – then decide to CHANGE. Check out the 6-Changes Your P.L.A.N. must address, who you must associate with in order to be successful; and Do It Now! 

MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, February 15, 2015 - Financial Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig

Guest: Armetria Misha, Author & Speaker


     Denee Davis, Is the New Black

     Courtney Everett, Is the New Black

Video: Bulletboys, "For the Love of Money"


1st Segment: The Mother of Them All!

The Fashionistas are back with a new Spring Collection Look! 


Kicking off the 2nd segment was an intro by Tracy Everette Duncan talking about the origin of the IRS so that we have a greater understanding that it isn’t a bad thing as much as a necessary thing. Take a look at and find the SPEC and VITA offices. They are designed to mediate between you and the IRS to a good end. 


2nd Segment: IRS - Smile When You Say That!

Mrs. Armetria Misha is back to finish what she started in the 2nd segment, IRS: Smile When You Say That! She shared the importance of understanding how to complete your W4. A refund should not be considered a beautiful thing. It is only representative of your money being held by the IRS then released to you without benefit of an interest. Stop the madness! Let’s learn together how to correctly complete your tax records and get every good thing that is due you.