MentorMe® Memorable Moments

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April 2015

MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, April 5, 2015 - Social Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig


Video: Yolanda Adams, That Name

Video: Carrie Underwood, Take Me To The Water


1st Segment: From Witch to Worshipper

What an exciting program. In our 1st segment, Host Tracy Everette-Duncan shared her testimony of how she came to Christ. She described a life as a young child focused in Eastern Religion and grew to serving darkness through Witchcraft. Also born a sick child, the doctors did not expect her to live to see her teens. But at the age of 12 years old in a youth summer camp hosted by a local church, Tracy renounced those practices and instead gave her life to Christ. With this intro, she delved into the very existence of God – yes, He is real and He is alive!. She shared several scriptures that spoke to His very existence, then answered the question, if He is real, how BIG is He.


2nd Segment: Return of the Protocol Son

The 2nd segment, our Co/Host William Craig, III talked about the 4th Success Factor which is having a relationship with God. William shared his testimony of salvation. He described himself as the Protocol Son. After the death of his father, William – at the age of 18 – inherited $25,000.  He lived lavishly and foolishly.

Lived it up until the money ran out – as well as the friends. William returned to his mother’s home broke and repentant. The lessons of the past have become his wisdom for today. 

MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, April 12, 2015 - Mental Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host Dr. Michelle

Co/Host Dwayne Ross


Video: CeCe Winans, Alabaster Box

Video: C.H.R.I.S., Victorious


1st Segment: From Addict to Wellness!

Dr. Michelle shared with us her testimony of her salvation experience. Born 1 of 2 girls to a Middle Income Family wanting for nothing, she dabbled in freebase cocaine and before she new it, was an addict. Her denial of this illness led to her being kicked out of rehab until she could finally accept her circumstance. Following the program and prayer to God allowed her to experience salvation, hope and healing. natUreal Wellness was born along with a strong regimen in detoxing. Dr. Michelle has been drug free and clean for nearly 22-years. She invites you who are struggling in this area to turn it over to Jesus. He can deliver you.


2nd Segment: Remember Your Calling

Having accepted Christ at the age of 5 Dwayne didn't think too much about the salvation experience. He partied like there was no tomorrow. Finally, he began to see the number of times God delivered him from violence. Nearly being stabbed, shot, jailed, beaten - Dwayne remembered his commitment and began to turn his life around. Living life hard can only lead to death. Dwayne invites you to remember your calling to those who may have forgotten. You are still saved. Let Jesus refresh you.

MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - Financial Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Co/Host William Craig, III


     Denee Davis, Is The New Black

     Courtney Everett, Is The New Black

Guest: Nina Crump

Video: Here's Nina


1st Segment: Born of Salvation into Fashion!

If you are concerned that your passion will not be able to financially sustain you - don't be. Just follow your passion, the very thing God has birthed in your heart. The money will come later. In this program, it just gets better and better! The Fashionistas gave us a little more insight into who they are and their relationship with Christ. Courtney shared her struggles to answer the call whole-heartedly. She reached an audience having similar struggles and challenges. Denee shared how she has been impacted by a family having deep rooted beliefs in the miracles of God so much so that to experience a miracle every day is a normal way of life. 


2nd Segment: Here's Nina!

Here's Nina Crump, Psalmist, Worshipper and Gospel Artist. She blessed us with several genres of her music from her 2006, 2010 and upcoming 2014 CDs; and encouraged us to continue to believe in God, keep the faith, and worship Him for who He is – the Great I AM! Nina’s CDs can be purchased on iTunes, and . You can also contact Nina Crump through her website to schedule engagements. 


MentorMe® Memorable Moments

Sunday, April 26, 2015 - Physical Health


Host Tracy Everette-Duncan

Video: Tamela Mann, I Can Only Imagine


1st Segment: He is the Comforter!


We conclude our Resurrection Month with the message of God, the Holy Spirit. He is the 3rd person in the Trinity of God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Spirit comes to Comfort us, to lead us into truth, to guide us and help us understand the righteous walk. He advocates on our behalf speaking to the Father and Son in tongues we can not imagine interpretation for. He helps prepare us for the 2nd coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ and ushers us into the very presence of God for eternity.